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About Us
Mr. Hollis founded his original firm in 1980, providing management consulting and expansion / divestiture advisory services. His first sale advising transaction closed soon thereafter, and he has managed or co-managed some 50 transactions involving firms in 20 states with acquirers made up of public companies, private equity groups, closely held organizations, and domestic and international firms.

In addition to being a Partner in Lyons Hollis, another mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm, he was also President and owner of a specialty contract staffing and services company with multiple corporations in three states. He started, expanded and managed the phased divestiture of each of the multiple divisions of the companies. 

Brooke and his colleagues deliver experience in M&A, business operations,
organizational change, finance, succession planning, human resources consulting, valuation and associated fields.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Brooke Hollis, MBA, M&AMI, CBI


We’ve Been In Your Shoes

Having owned, operated, and sold businesses of our own, we have first-hand understanding of issues our clients face. Whether the issue is when to sell, tax impacts, estate planning, owner transition issues, key employee welfare, confidentiality concerns, due diligence preparation, trade secrets, or ways to position your firm in the market-to maximize opportunities - we can help you find the right solutions.

Because we have been on your side of the table, unlike many of our competitors, we have elected not to be retained by the firms who would normally be potential buyers of our clients.  We believe this avoids conflicts of interest, and helps allow our clients to choose the best option for their situation.

We Move At The Right Speed For Your Unique Situation

Hollis Associates is different from many other M&A/Investment Banking firms who may deal with only a few suitors, present primarily buyers who they have previously or may currently represent, or who may rush to execute what may not be the best transaction.
Proper timing is a critical ingredient to achieving optimal results. We move rapidly when appropriate, but we are also willing to take the time to help business owners improve value by working with them to decide the best time to go to the marketplace. Should problems arise with your business and it is decided to put marketing on hold, we will work with you and go to market when the timing is right.

Nothing Is More Important Than Our Client
At Hollis Associates we ensure customer satisfaction by:
•  Deliberately limiting the number of clients we represent
•  Approaching traditional and non-traditional acquirers/partners
•  Ensuring the appropriate level of confidentiality
•  Conserving the owners’ time so their focus can remain on the company
•  Adhering to a pace and process that produces multiple opportunities
•  Providing advice unique to each company to maximize its value and minimize its risk


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